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Various Importance That Come With the Practice of Family Planning

Majority of families have started adopting in the process of practicing family planning as reported. It has been discovered that some of the families are using pills, injections or condoms. It is evident that family planning was practiced long ago but the technology has grown and newer methods have been put in place. There are many reasons why people are into family planning and the key benefits associated with it are discussed below.

One of the key benefits of family planning is that it prevents pregnancy-related health risk in women. Women have choices to make and one of those is when to become pregnant and this will have an effect on their health. It is known that family planning makes spacing for pregnancy and that means it can delay pregnancy in young women and that is very risky. In the case where a woman wants to limit the size of the family, one is advised to practice family planning.

One of the amazing importance of family planning is that it lowers the infant mortality rate. When family planning is practiced then it will affect the cases that occur about mortality rate. When an infant is lost, the mother suffers a great deal and that is both mentally and physically and worse it can lead to the death of the mother. To avoid unhealthy conditions and protect the mother from getting ill, it is always advised that family planning should be put in practice.

When family planning is brought to light, then you can be conscious that is also a way of teaching about reproductive health. When people are informed, then they have the responsibility of making choices regarding the sexual reproductive health. You will notice that a small family has more advantages in that the parents can invest and handle one child at a time and with proper care. You will find that it is more advantageous to women as they will be adding more knowledge which can help them secure employment is family planning institutions.

Do you know that with family planning the number of teenage pregnancies will be lower? There are many cases where an adolescent gets pregnant and delivers a baby who has very-low-birth-weight. In the many cases where an adolescent girl gets pregnant, their education will be discontinued as they have to take responsibility of taking care of the baby. This will surely have a bad effect on their lives and family too. The recommendation put in place is that family planning to be given to adolescent who has become sexually active as it will lessen unwanted pregnancies. It is evident that family planning has many benefits based on the article above.

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